Future Classics, as an ever-evolving project by concept store kapok, represents a constant
exploration of womenswear style, guided by the principles of  confidence and elegance. Our
clothes, rather than restrict, are freeing you - pieces that become part of you, unfolding a life-long journey.

Rather than just a brand, we become a place of belonging, continuously building a library for
all things essential to the classic, strong, and confident woman, braving a boundless future.

‘pause’, a new collection of Future Classics.

Pause is a temporary moment stamped in time; resonating with each one’s past, present,
and future. This pause, while being as fluid as time flows, transitions from one moment to the next.

The collection embodies modern details and proportions, accentuated within a palette of nuanced neutral hues. Fluidly sculpted by our bodies, the clothes reveal the original art of
each presence.

New interpretations are injected into the collection of classic to modern silhouettes, with sustainability in mind.

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While the relaxed tee is effortlessly elevated with our pleated skirt, making it a daily classic. Timely pauses delicately represented by pleats and gathers, from long gentle moments of meditation, to sporadic breathing accompanying exciting moments.

The revived Future Classics represents a story unfolding, exploring the unknown future, while grounded by timeless classics.

Future Classics is available at all kapok stores and on e-shop.