dancer on a break

future classics is a collaboration between a hong kong and paris design team.

the vision is to mix the nonchalance and effortless style of paris with the dynamic and always on the move feeling of hong kong.

Titled “Dancers on a Break”,  Future Classics Autumn-Winter 2019 collection is inspired by the elegance, grace and lightness in the movements of a dancer.

Why walk when you can dance?

Future Classics is a new fashion and lifestyle brand and the fruit of collaboration between Chris Lo with the kapok team in Hong Kong and Ruth Guedj with her Paris design team. 

The brand envisions to mix the nonchalance and effortless style of Paris with the always-on-the-move dynamic energy of Hong Kong.

Capturing the essence of the free-spirited, confident women in Paris and Hong Kong. 

The pieces are thoughtfully designed for our audiences as elevated essentials.

Inspired by the thirst for culture, knowledge and discoveries, the first bag collection includes two iconic models, 'the Magazine' and "the Book".

To live is to dance … to dance is to live.

Future Classics is available at all kapok stores and on e-shop.